Cool news

I did not see this coming at all. But before I knew it, someone had bought both my Aurum speakers, and my McIntosh amp. I went directly into a state of shop, and, based on my experiences the past couple of years, I went back to basic. Although this time totally valve-free.

Cool blue light in the dark

All the way back to simplicity.Out went 300 heavy American muscle Watts, in came 60 small, cool class D Watts from Japan. A Spec RSA M3EX now occupies the place formerly used by the huge MA8000. Now I had to find a simple speaker as well. The brutality and sheer weight of the Aurum Vulkan is not easily replaced. Again, back to basic. I found it here, in cool Norway….

Cool country, cool beer, cool speaker

The Doxa 8.2 now serves the music in my living room. Some challenge to fill the footprint of the Vulkan. At the moment, new and somewhat restrained, but already on it’s way to something big, the Doxa makes huge soundscapes…

More to come on these pages and in Fidelity!